How to get a Government Gateway ID for e-commerce tax reporting

Vlada Karpovich
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Are you wondering how to get a Government Gateway ID? This numeric ID is necessary for all your e-commerce tax reporting and your self-assessment.

Your HMRC Government Gateway is your key to HMRC’s tax hub. When you register your e-commerce business you should do this as your next step, but if you’ve not done so yet, do so as soon as possible to ensure you can submit your tax details in a timely fashion.

What is a Government Gateway?

Your Government Gateway ID is created when you register for VAT, self-assessment or any other HMRC service. It will be sent out by email or post according to your preference. If you opt for the postal option it can potentially take 2 weeks to receive it, so if tax deadlines are looming, opt for email.

Your Government Gateway will be a numerical combination, 12 digits in length e.g. 123456789101.

How to get a Government Gateway ID

A full list of purposes for your Government Gateway can be seen on the HMRC website, but as an e-commerce entrepreneur, you will most likely need it for:

  • VAT
  • VAT EU Refunds
  • VAT (MOSS)
  • Self-assessment
  • Personal tax account
  • Corporation tax

To create your Government Gateway user ID, go to this page:

How to get a Government Gateway ID for e-commerce tax reporting - Government Gateway login screenshot

Click “Create sign in details”

How to get a Government Gateway ID for e-commerce tax reporting

Enter your email address, but make sure it is an account you always have access to and that no one else has access to the account.

A six-figure confirmation code will arrive instantly, which you should enter into your HMRC browser window.

How to get a Government Gateway ID for e-commerce tax reporting

Click confirm and follow the instructions to be walked through the process. It should be straightforward; you will need to supply some details about your e-commerce business and you. You will then receive your Government Gateway ID. Make sure to save this somewhere safe and memorable as you will need it in the future.

Set up the relevant taxes for your e-commerce business at this point so you know what your filing responsibilities are and do not have to set up systems when you reach the point of filing.

Is a Government Gateway ID the same as a UTR?

You may already have a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR). This is not the same as a Government Gateway ID. A UTR is a 10-digit code used to file your Self-Assessment tax return. A Government Gateway is a 12-digit code used to access your HMRC portal.

Can you have multiple Government Gateway IDs?

Yes, but it is simpler to keep everything under one ID. If you have multiple businesses, you can set up a separate ID for each business to segment your taxes. However, by housing all your tax responsibilities under one Government Gateway you are less likely to lose track and will have an easier time if you require support from HMRC down the line.

Setting up easy access

HMRC is reassuringly protective of your tax accounts, so you may be asked to set up a Gov UK Verify account. This can be set up through one of the following partners:

  • Barclays
  • Digidentity
  • Experian
  • Post Office
  • SecureIdentity

If you have an existing verification account with one of these parties, you will not need to set up another one. Although the specifics can vary due to your existing verification with these parties, it is likely you will need to complete a short phone call or video call in order to confirm your identity. You will need a valid form of photo ID for this process.

Next Steps

If you’ve set up your Government Gateway but don’t know where to start with your e-commerce business’ taxes, that’s where we come in. Using our extensive specialist knowledge, your taxes will make sure you pay what you owe and maximise your opportunities for growth through initiatives such as R&D tax credits. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help your e-commerce business.

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