5 e-commerce insights from Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those two days which have become synonymous with a big sales event right after US Thanksgiving and are growing to be bigger than ever.

If you missed it, the sales gave many online businesses and e-commerce stores a chance to do heavy discounts for consumers and its safe to say it seems to get more and more interest each year. With November and December the largest months of the year for retailers these sales are becoming crucial to bring in much needed cash this time of year.

Over the past week, we’ve noticed some interesting articles and data which we’d thought useful to highlight:

Live shopping data as it happened

Sadly, this seems to have been closed since the actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales periods, but we’re still mesmerised by what we saw. This live data visualisation showed the speed and scale of purchases were happening on the Shopify platform and we thought it was really interesting.

Here’s an Instagram Story we snapped whilst it was live:
Shopify Data Stories
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Shopify had over US$1.5 Billion in sales

Shortly after the sales period, Shopify released some surprising statistics on sales for the platform – they sold products for a total of over US$1.5 Billion! The report also includes some very interesting trends on the platform including: desktop vs mobile sales comparisons, a list of marketing channels which produced the best sales and dates and times where sales were at their peak. A very interesting article to utilise and take advantage of any annual sales events.

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018: An Analysis of Over $1.5 Billion in Sales

PayPal processed over $1 Billion in mobile payments

This year saw PayPal break its records for how many payments they processed over mobile. They broke the threshold of US$1 Billion in sales through the platform including a 42% increase over the previous year. This shows, that mobile is becoming a truly reliable and powerful platform to power your sales online.

PayPal: Black Friday & Cyber Monday broke records with $1B+ in mobile payment volume

Black Friday hits US$6.2 Billion in online sales in the US

As the world is becoming more globalised, it’s important to recognise how other countries are taking on this Black Friday event, but more importantly how it’s still popular in its original country of the US. They had over US$6.2 Billion in sales, up 23% from the previous year. Interestingly a third of that was sales of new smartphones. We can only think this will be going up again next year.

Black Friday hits $6.2B in US online sales, smartphones accounted for $2.1B

How to be a best seller next year

If you missed it this year, perhaps looking to capitalise on it next year, there are some useful tips showcased on a Shopify landing page, it includes some useful ideas for how you can bolster your campaign strategies for next year or potentially another sales period too.

Be a best seller

We look forward to what happens in this space next year.