A2X vs Link My Books

Andrea Piacquadio
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A2X vs Link My Books – which one is the right choice for your e-commerce business? We’ve broken down the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

There are so many accounting apps available for e-commerce entrepreneurs and each promise to revolutionise the way you complete your bookkeeping tasks. Both A2X and Link My Books have a lot of fans, so read on to discover which is best in your circumstances.

What is A2X?

A2X is a bridging app that feeds your transaction data from Shopify or Amazon (or Walmart if you sell in the US) into multiple accounting systems, including Xero. You will automatically see a full breakdown of all your sales and associated fees in your accounting system.

Prices start at $19 a month for Shopify and $19 a month for Amazon but the next tier is $49 a month and includes stock value calculations and FBA inventory locations, amongst other features.


  • Works with Shopify and Amazon allowing you to feed in data from multiple sources
  • Incredibly accurate
  • One central login for A2X Shopify and A2X Amazon account management
  • Tidy and simple transaction details
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) function
  • Simple to understand your transactions
  • 24/7 Live support
  • Webinars and online training available
  • Free open-ended trial (limited functionality)


  • Separate plans are required for Shopify and Amazon, potentially making it a dear option
  • Doesn’t currently support other e-commerce platforms


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What is Link My Books?

Amazon bookkeeping is notoriously difficult to complete accurately. Link My Books is another bridging option that feeds your transactions directly through to Xero or your alternative bookkeeping software.

Prices start at £9 a month on a monthly plan or £6.30 a month if billed annually.

Although Link My Books currently only deals with Amazon transactions there is a beta taking place for eBay transactions too. They advise pricing will be in line with their Amazon pricing.


  • Handles multiple VAT registrations across the EU, saving time for international sellers
  • Accurate and quick to set up
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) function
  • 7 price tiers, allowing you to scale your app up gradually in step with your e-commerce business
  • Free setup service or support if you wish to do so yourself
  • Webinar to talk you through connecting to Xero
  • Free 14-day trial available


  • Works exclusively with Amazon accounts, meaning you may need alternative solution if you sell on multiple e-commerce platforms
  • The bottom price tier only allows one seller account, limiting you to UK sales only.

A2X vs Link My Books

If you are deciding which bridging app is the right tool for your job, think about not only where your e-commerce business currently is but also where it is likely to be. A2X brought in Shopify support last year; Link My Books is trialling eBay as this article goes live. The e-commerce platforms you use or envision your business using in the near future may provide an answer.

If your e-commerce business deals exclusively on Amazon FBA, you may have a tougher time choosing. Link My Books’ scalable pricing makes them the frontrunner for start-ups and budget-aware enterprises.

Next Steps

Whichever option works for your e-commerce business, we recommend you integrate it with Xero, which was designed specifically for e-commerce. If you would like help moving to Xero or setting up your integrations, please get in touch.

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